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Welcome to Darcon Toy Poodles, located in Eastern South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach. Situated on three lovely country acres is where we share our home with various pets, chickens, goats, rabbits and a mini horse. I have a wonderful husband that loves gardening and taking care of the outside animals, as well as growing a garden and plants in the greenhouse. Because of his help I have more time inside with the poodle kids. I am blessed to have a job working from home, so I am here most of the time. My first "breed" was the Yorkshire Terrier, but after the loss of one nearly 14 years ago, I decided to purchase my first toy poodle puppy and have loved toy poodles ever since.

I am a responsible breeder of quality toy poodles, breeding for my next show toy poodle prospects. I am very concerned about the health issues that plague the Toy Poodle breed. Most are hereditary, and can be prevented with careful breeding practices. Currently I do genetic testing for PRCD PRA eye disease through Optigen. This DNA test will tell if the dog is clear of the disease, a carrier for the disease, or is affected with the disease. You can visit for more information.

Select breeding practices ensure I am not breeding inherited problems. All of my breeding toy poodles are checked for sound structure, (good knees and hips), sweet temperaments and overall health. I work closely with my vet to make sure my poodles have what they need to stay happy and healthy. I am always available to answer any questions you may have concerning the toy poodles.

It is a known fact that a healthy toy poodle is derived from quality parents and ancestors. All of our breeding poodles are Champions, champion sired, or have an extensive champion pedigree. Our poodles are AKC registered (American Kennel Club). We breed white, black, and brown, and occasionally have silver and red.   If we don't have what you are looking for in a Toy Poodle, we have friends that may have puppies available.

People will often state they are not looking for a "show dog" as they are just wanting a "pet". A well-bred toy poodle will give you many years of companionship without all the health problems of a poorly bred poodle.  Usually a good, quality pet toy poodle can be bought from a reputable breeder for about the same price (or less) than what you would expect to pay in a pet shop, the difference being you don't know anything about the pet shop puppy but the breeder will have all the information and the parents of the breeder's puppy.


I hope you will enjoy my dogs as much as I have.  If you have any questions please send me an E-Mail.


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Darlene Crosby

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